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One, Two Freddy’s Getting Re-Re-Booted


One, Two Freddy’s Getting Re-Re-Booted

Chris Scalzo

That's how you get mono.

That's how you get mono.

After the failure of the Platinum Dunes reboot in 2010, talk of a sequel was short lived.  And man, have any of the Platinum Dunes horror remakes been even remotely good? (No.)  So now we’re firmly in reboot territory. 

We’re just in the planning stages, so there's nothing concrete yet.  Give us your ideas!  How would you re-re-boot Freddy?  I’d like him to be scary again instead of the ghostly comedian he turned into.  I mean come on, people.  The guy killed kids.  I appreciated the darker turn of the 2010 remake, though it just wasn’t that scary.  But do we really need another reboot already?  As long as we don’t go found footage and 3-D.  Found footage or 3-D?  I’d consider it because I have no integrity.

So how do you like your Freddy?  Terrifying ghost child murderer, terrifying ghost child molester and murderer, or fun time quipping pun-filled child molester and/or murderer?  And who would you cast as the next Freddy?  As long as we have some burn scars, fedora and that stylish sweater, then I’m fine.  I was always more a Jason guy anyway.