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The First Run

The First Run Podcast
TFR Ep. 276: Maggie, 5 Best Films Of 1985

Arnold is back!  Shooting and fighting and kicking zombie ass in ‘Maggie’!  Well, more like spending a lot of time dealing with loss and looking generally morose.

TFR Ep. 275: Avengers: Age Of Ultron, 5 Times Robots Really Screwed Us Over

This week on The First Run, Chris, Dave, and Matt watched THE big release of the 2015 Summer Season.  Joss Whedon and pals are back in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

TFR Ep. 274: A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, 5 Favorite Foreign Genre Films

On this week’s episode, Matt and Chris discuss the Iranian vampire western, ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night’.  Is this story of a lonely young vampire that may finally get the taste of ‘Twilight’ out of mouths. (It still hurts)

TFR Ep. 273: Unfriended, Child 44, TFR Libs

In this episode of The First Run, we discuss ‘Unfriended’ and ‘Child 44’.  One is a horror movie, the other is just horrible. 

TFR Ep. 272: Furious 7, What Are The Odds?!?

This week on The First Run, Dave ‘Briar Rabbit’ is back!  Just in time to discuss the weeks old ‘Furious 7’.  The franchise that will not end keeps rolling along.

TFR Ep. 271: Wolfcop, The Houses October Built, 5 Best Films Of 1986

This week on The First Run, Chris and Matt dive medium deep into the Netflix box of digital wonders with viewings of ‘Wolfcop’ (yes, seriously) and ’The Houses October Built’.

TFR Ep. 270: It Follows, Call It!

This week on The First Run, Chris, Dave and Matt got their pants scared off watching ‘It Follows’.  It’s a horror film about what happens when you engage in dirty, dirty sex. 

TFR EP. 269: V/H/S: Viral, Run All Night, Leviathan, Who Dat?

This week, it's ‘V/H/S’ horror anthology series, ‘Viral’.  Is the franchise reinvigorated by it’s new format?  Or should we just head to The Winchester, have a pint, and wait for this all to blow over? 

TFR Ep. 268: Chappie, 5 Favorite Movie Robots

This week on The First Run we’re back in the theaters with the latest from Neill Blomkamp, ‘Chappie’.  Is the film the ‘Short Circuit’/‘Terminator’ mash up we’ve all been waiting for?

TFR Ep. 267: Netflix Hidden Gems, TV Talk

No Dave?  No problem!  As Dave heads to Thailand to ‘celebrate’ his birthday, Matt and Chris record a bonus episode just for you!

TFR Ep. 266: Whiplash, 5 Best Films Of 1987

This week on The First Run, we’re still ticking off the great films of 2014.  It’s Oscar winner J.K. Simmons in ‘Whiplash’, a story of music and punishment. 

TFR Ep. 265: The Guest, What Are The Odds?!?

On this week’s episode of The First Run, we checked out ‘The Guest’.  Dan Stevens plays a guy home from the war, looking to reconnect with society, connect with the family of one of his fallen comrades, and perhaps kick a little ass along the way. …Right?

TFR Ep. 264: Kingsman: The Secret Service, TFR Libs

This week on The First Run, Chris and Dave watched the latest from director Matthew Vaughn,  ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’.  Do we have a whole new franchise on our hands?  Should the Bond franchise take note?

TFR Ep. 263: Horns, 2015 Oscars Preview

This week on The First Run, the guys decide to ignore the big theatrical releases and instead fire up their streaming services with Alexandre Aja’s ‘Horns’.  

TFR Ep. 262: A Most Violent Year, 5 Best Films Of 1988

On this episode of The First Run, the 2014 catch up finally concludes…maybe, with J.C. Chandor’s ‘A Most Violent Year’. 

TFR Ep. 261: Inherent Vice, 2015 Preview

This week on TFR, Chris and Dave cruise the late 60’s L.A. scene with Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘Inherent Vice’. 

TFR Ep. 260: American Sniper, 5 Worst Films Of 2014

Clint Eastwood’s latest effort features Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle, the U.S. military’s greatest sniper.  Are we talking ‘Unforgiven’ quality, or more ‘Hereafter’? Plus it’s the 5 Worst Films of 2014!

TFR Ep. 259: Taken 3, 10 Best Films Of 2014

This week on The First Run, Dave and Chris checked out one of the great final chapters in cinematic trilogy history, along with films like Return Of The Jedi, Ocean’s 13 and Matrix Revolutions, here comes Taken 3. 

TFR Ep. 258: The Imitation Game, The Interview, Call It!

This week on the big show, Chris and Dave checked out the most controversial film of the decade, ‘The Interview’!  Does the film measure up to all the hullabaloo?  Is it at least funny?  Then the guys jump over to Oscar Contender Land with Benedict Cumberbatch in ‘The Imitation Game’. 

TFR Ep. 257: The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies, 5 Best Films of 1989

This week on The First Run, Chris and Dave bid bon voyage to the ‘The Hobbit’ trilogy.  Is the last film a return to the majestic heights of the original ‘Lord Of The Rings’ films?   Or should we all just be happy it’s over.