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The First Run

The First Run Podcast
TFR Ep. 305: Captain America: Civil War

The other big super hero film of 2016 that’s not ‘Suicide Squad’ or ‘Dr. Strange’ is here.  Captain America: Civil War is out and Cap is pissed!  Well, affably annoyed maybe. 

TFR Ep. 304: Green Room, WarGames, 80's Marathon Awards

Patrick Stewart is an evil neo-Nazi bad ass!  Well, he plays one in ‘Green Room’.  It’s the latest film from ‘Blue Ruin’ director, Jeremy Saulnier.  Anton Yelchin, Alia Shaukat and Imogen Poots round out an all star cast of unusual actor names. 

TFR Ep. 303: Everybody Wants Some!!, Spies Like Us, Call It!

Richard Linklater returns with another trip into the past with the 1980 based, ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’. 

TFR Ep. 302: Midnight Special, Eye In The Sky, Flight Of The Navigator, What Are The Odds?

On the big program this week, Chris and Matt stayed up super late and checked out ‘Midnight Special’, the latest from director Jeff Nichols.

TFR Ep. 301: Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Batman ’89, Best & Worst BvS Moments

‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’.  Can the film possibly be as bad as its Rotten Tomatoes score?  Have Scalzo’s hopes of the expanded DC cinematic universe been crushed just as it starts?

TFR Ep. 300: 10 Cloverfield Lane, Weird Science, The Best Year In Movies, 5 Best Films Since TFR

Happy Anniversary!  It’s episode 300 of The First Run, featuring the return of former co-host, Chris Esposito.  And it’s all just in time for the non-sequel, sequel ’10 Cloverfield Lane’.

TFR Ep. 299: The Witch, Footloose, Top 5 Cinemascore Disconnects

On this episode of The First Run, Chris & Matt discuss the greatest witch movie since ‘Suspiria’,‘The Witch’!  I don’t know if that’s actually true.  I just thought of it and it sure sounded catchy.

TFR Ep. 298: Deadpool, Hail, Ceasar!, Willow, Oscar Picks, 5 Best Movie Romances

It’s a super-sized 298th episode featuring Chris & Matt’s discussion of ‘Deadpool’, ‘Hail Caesar!’, and ‘Willow’!  Yes, that ‘Willow’.

TFR Ep. 297: Ip Man 3, Kung Fu Panda 3, Beasts Of No Nation, Better Off Dead, Best Part 3’s

On this episode of The First Run, Chris and Matt engage their inner chi, and bust some heads with their discussions of ‘Ip Man 3’ and ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ and a bunch of other stuff!

TFR Ep. 296: Bone Tomahawk, Labyrinth, Call It!

Kurt Russell is a bad ass!  We love Kurt Russell.  But did we love his other new western, ‘Bone Tomahawk’?  And 'Labyrinth'.  Sigh...we miss you David!

TFR Ep. 295: The Revenant, Monster Squad, Best Films Of 2015

This week it's 'The Revenant', 'Monster Squad', & the Best Films of 2015!  How awesome is that?!?

TFR Ep. 294: The Hateful 8, Masters Of The Universe, 2016 Preview

Chris & Matt discuss Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight’, ‘Masters Of The Universe’ (yes, the movie from 1987), and review their 2016 Film Preview.

TFR Ep. 293: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Spoilers Discussion, 5 Best Force Awakens Moments

Our most anticipated film of the year is finally here, ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’.  It’s been a long road through the dark forest of Star Wars prequels.  But we're finally here...

TFR Ep. 292: Spotlight, Slow West, Childhood Movies Challenge

This week it's 'Spotlight', 'Slow West' and possibly the beginning of the end of our hosts fond memories of their childhoods.

TFR Ep. 291: A Very Murray Christmas, Krampus, TFR Libs

National treasure Bill Murray brings hosts his very own Christmas special on Netflix!  And we watched it so you don’t have to.  But you probably should.  Krampus discussion too!

TFR Ep. 290: Creed, The Good Dinosaur, 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

This week it’s ‘Creed’ or ‘Rocky 7: The Taste For A New Generation’.  Can the creative team behind critically adored ‘Fruitvale Station’ breathe new life into a franchise that already rode off into the sunset?

TFR Ep. 289: Spectre, The Nightmare, Kung Fury, TFR Lounge

We ain’t dead yet!  Chris and Matt are back with a discussion of the latest Bond film, Spectre, The Nightmare, & Kung Fury!  Man, that's a lot!  

TFR Ep. 288: Turbo Kid, Year End Preview

On this week’s program, Chris and Matt discuss Turbo Kid!  Imagine Mad Max on a dirt bike.  Like a BMX.

TFR Ep. 287 Fantastic Four(s), The Gift, Who Dat?

This week on a super-sized episode of The First Run, Chris and Matt discuss “The Fantastic Four”!  But not only this year’s version, but the never released film from 1994.

TFR Ep. 286: M:I-5 Rogue Nation, 5 Best Films Of 1984

Tom Cruise returns in the Mission Impossible franchise.  We’re five films in, does the series show any signs of slowing down?