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The First Run

The First Run Podcast
TFR Ep. 324: The Birth Of A Nation, Tales Of Halloween, 5 Best Performances In A Film Based On True Events

Our discussion of The Birth Of A Nation, Tales Of Halloween, & 5 Best Performances In Films Based On True Events (just like the title reads).

TFR Ep. 323: Masterminds, The Invitation, 5 Favorite Heist Films

It’s our discussion of Masterminds and The Invitation.  Plus our 5 Favorite Heist movies!

TFR Ep. 322: The Magnificent Seven(s), What Are The Odds?

It's our discussion of The Magnificent Seven(s) (2016 & 1960)!

TFR Ep. 321: Blair Witch, The Blair Witch Project, Who Dat?

Our discussion of Blair Witch and The Blair Witch Project.  Plus other cool stuff!

TFR Ep. 320: Sully, 3 Headed Shark Attack, End Of The Year Preview

This week on the big show Matt & Chris discuss the newest film from director Clint Eastwood, ’Sully’ & '3 Headed Shark Attack'.  Cause why not? 

TFR Ep. 319: Don’t Breathe, After Midnight, TFR Libs

Our discussion of Fede Alvarez's Don't Breathe and (Naked) After Midnight, featuring TFR Libs.

TFR Focus Ep. 11: Star Trek 50th Anniversary

Happy 50th Anniversary to Star Trek! Take a listen to our special compilation episode featuring our discussions of all 6 original films.

TFR Ep. 318: Hell Or High Water, Kindergarten Cop 2, Call It!

Our discussion of 'Hell Or High Water', 'Kindergarten Cop 2', and Call It!

TFR Ep. 317: Sausage Party, Zoombies, 5 Best Films Of 2016 (So Far)

This week it's Sausage Party, Zoombies, and our 5 Favorite Films of 2016 (So far)

TFR Ep. 316: Suicide Squad, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, 7 Favorite Films

On this week’s program, Matt and Chris checked out the latest from the DC Cinematic Universe, ‘Suicide Squad’.  It’s Amanda Waller along with her crew of bad guys!

TFR Focus Ep. 10: Preacher - Call And Response

It's been an interesting season.  Some ups and some downs, but never a dull moment.  

TFR Ep. 315: Jason Bourne, Lights Out, Star Trek V, What Are The Odds?

Our discussion of Jason Bourne, Lights Out & Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

TFR Focus Ep. 9: Preacher - Finish The Song

On the ninth episode of Preacher, we don't only get the Cowboy's story in full, we find out what he's been up to this whole time.  

TFR Ep. 314: Star Trek Beyond, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, 5 Best Movie Songs

It's Star Trek-apalooza! Star Trek Beyond and The Voyage Home!

TFR Ep. 313: Ghostbusters, Star Trek 3: The Search For Spock, TFR Lounge: ComicCon

On this week’s episode, Matt & Chris discuss the new ‘Ghostbusters’.  This version stars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon as our Ghostbusters and Chris Hemsworth as the dreamy himbo.

TFR Focus Ep. 8: Preacher - El Valero

It's a week of discussion and butt kicking by Jesse Custer.

TFR Focus Ep. 7: Preacher - He Gone

Eugene is ‘gone’.  How will this impact the show?  Will Jesse be able to rescue him?  Will he even care to? 

TFR Ep. 312: Finding Dory, Star Trek II: TWOK, Call It!

This week on The First Run, Matt and Chris watch yet another Pixar sequel, ‘Finding Dory’.  This time, it’s Dory’s turn to find someone, and it’s her parents!  "Khaaaaaaan!!!"

TFR Focus Ep. 6: Preacher - Sundowner

Well that was interesting.  This episodes opening was a high point of the series, followed by it's most shocking moment. 

TFR Focus Ep. 5: Preacher - South Will Rise Again

Odin Quincannon takes his vow to serve the Lord very seriously.