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The First Run

The First Run Podcast
TFR Ep. 289: Spectre, The Nightmare, Kung Fury, TFR Lounge

We ain’t dead yet!  Chris and Matt are back with a discussion of the latest Bond film, Spectre, The Nightmare, & Kung Fury!  Man, that's a lot!  

TFR Ep. 288: Turbo Kid, Year End Preview

On this week’s program, Chris and Matt discuss Turbo Kid!  Imagine Mad Max on a dirt bike.  Like a BMX.

TFR Ep. 287 Fantastic Four(s), The Gift, Who Dat?

This week on a super-sized episode of The First Run, Chris and Matt discuss “The Fantastic Four”!  But not only this year’s version, but the never released film from 1994.

TFR Ep. 286: M:I-5 Rogue Nation, 5 Best Films Of 1984

Tom Cruise returns in the Mission Impossible franchise.  We’re five films in, does the series show any signs of slowing down?

TFR Ep. 285: What We Do In The Shadows, It's Such A Beautiful Day, What Are The Odds?!?

This week on The First Run, we avoided ‘Pixels’ like the plague on cinema it is and decided to take in the New Zealand mockumentary import, ‘What We Do In The Shadows’ and 'It's Such A Beautiful Day'.  

TFR Ep. 284: Ant-Man, 5 Comic Book Characters That Should NOT Get A Movie

Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes to a close with ‘Ant-Man’!  Ant-Man?!? Yes, Ant-Man.  Paul Rudd stars as Scott Lang, the tiniest super-hero.  But he has a big heart. 

TFR Ep. 283: Creep, Call It!

On this week’s show, Chris and Matt potentially get their pants scared off by a monster named “Peachfuzz”.  Terrifying.  Wait, terrifying?  It’s ‘Creep’! 

TFR Ep. 282: Terminator Genisys, Comic-Con, 5 Movie Experiences We Want To Relive

Arnold’s back!  In the role that made him a global superstar as Pops!  Pops, the Terminator.  Is the 4th sequel the charm?

TFR Ep. 281: Inside Out, Jurassic World, 5 Best Original Movies Since 2010

This week on The First Run, not only do Chris and Matt discuss Pixar’s latest film, ‘Inside Out’, but the dodge a potentially twisted B.D. Wong and treacherous velociraptors with our good buddy Chris Pratt in ‘Jurassic World’.

TFR Ep. 280: Honeymoon, 5 Worst Movie Getaways

This week on The First Run, Chris and Matt caught up with the 2014 horror film ‘Honeymoon’.  Heck with ‘Jurassic World’.  It’s not like it had the biggest Friday opening ever.

TFR Ep. 279: Spy, The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared, Ex Machina, Who Dat?!?

It’s guest host-arama!  This week on The First Run Chris is joined by Culture Dogs host Kevin O’Toole! Things start with Paul Feig’s ‘Spy’, starring Melissa McCarthy.  Can McCarthy right the ship after the disappointing ‘Tammy’?

TFR Ep. 278: Zombeavers, Tomorrowland, 5 Favorite Film Futures

This week on The First Run, it’s about dam time we had a zombie/beaver horror mash up!  It’s ‘Zombeavers’!

TFR Ep. 277: Mad Max: Fury Road, 5 Favorite Movie Chases

This week on The First Run, Chris and Matt buckle up and hold on tight for the return of George Miller and his Mad Max franchise. 

TFR Ep. 276: Maggie, 5 Best Films Of 1985

Arnold is back!  Shooting and fighting and kicking zombie ass in ‘Maggie’!  Well, more like spending a lot of time dealing with loss and looking generally morose.

TFR Ep. 275: Avengers: Age Of Ultron, 5 Times Robots Really Screwed Us Over

This week on The First Run, Chris, Dave, and Matt watched THE big release of the 2015 Summer Season.  Joss Whedon and pals are back in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

TFR Ep. 274: A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, 5 Favorite Foreign Genre Films

On this week’s episode, Matt and Chris discuss the Iranian vampire western, ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night’.  Is this story of a lonely young vampire that may finally get the taste of ‘Twilight’ out of mouths. (It still hurts)

TFR Ep. 273: Unfriended, Child 44, TFR Libs

In this episode of The First Run, we discuss ‘Unfriended’ and ‘Child 44’.  One is a horror movie, the other is just horrible. 

TFR Ep. 272: Furious 7, What Are The Odds?!?

This week on The First Run, Dave ‘Briar Rabbit’ is back!  Just in time to discuss the weeks old ‘Furious 7’.  The franchise that will not end keeps rolling along.

TFR Ep. 271: Wolfcop, The Houses October Built, 5 Best Films Of 1986

This week on The First Run, Chris and Matt dive medium deep into the Netflix box of digital wonders with viewings of ‘Wolfcop’ (yes, seriously) and ’The Houses October Built’.

TFR Ep. 270: It Follows, Call It!

This week on The First Run, Chris, Dave and Matt got their pants scared off watching ‘It Follows’.  It’s a horror film about what happens when you engage in dirty, dirty sex.