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The Great Unwatched

An irregular series where Chris reviews all the movies he’s purchased, but never got around to watching.

The Great Unwatched #1: Bloody Moon

Chris Scalzo

Welcome to The Great Unwatched.  Here we actually get around to watching all the films I blind bought and decide if it was worth the purchase. With all the films I have on hand as part of this project. I chose to start with Jess Franco’s ‘Bloody Moon’.  A work-for-hire project from the notorious Spanish master of exploitation, Franco presents his take on the U.S. slasher film during the height of its popularity.  Franco’s version of course includes some good old fashioned sleaze, but was it worth the purchase?

Bloody Moon

Director: Jesús Franco Manera

Writer: Erich Tomek

Starring: Olivia Pascal, Alexander Waechter, Nadja Gerganoff, Christoph Moosbrugger

Production Companies: Metro-Film GmbH, Rapid-Film GmbH, Lisa Film GmbH, Plata Films S.A