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Your Esteemed Hosts

Show Name Ideas From Back In The Day

Show Name Ideas From Back In The Day


Chris Scalzo


Chris is the son of two people, then 4 people after a horrifyingly acrimonious divorce.  He went to kindergarten, grade school, middle school, high school, then college.  He graduated from college and has a job.  He is married with 0.0 kids.  Chris and his wife are considering getting a dog, but are 50/50 on the idea. Chris enjoys movies and music.  Chris has met Lou Gramm twice, Charles Thompson 6 times, and saw David Bowie from across a stadium once.  Chris’ grandfather grew up with Ernest Borgnine.  That’s right, Airwolf’s Ernest Borgnine.  Chris enjoys peanut butter and jam (strawberry) sandwiches 2-3 times a week with earl grey tea.  Chris is also eternally hopeful the DCEU will get its act together, but eternity appears to be ending soon.



Matt Howell


Most of Matt’s opinions are wrong.  And he has yet to provide a bio.  So he sits there in his wrongness.