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News: Weekend Box Office Round Up.  Vin & Dwayne Drive Home The Goods


News: Weekend Box Office Round Up. Vin & Dwayne Drive Home The Goods

Chris Scalzo

Well, I guess that settles that.  In the holiday weekend battle of the sequels, Fast & Furious 6 ran down the Wolfpack by a cool $54 million.  In fact Vin, Paul and the crew had their highest opening ever with $96,791 million.  It even beat our beloved Star Trek Into Darkness' opening haul of about $71,166 million.  Trek made $37,284 million in its second week, down about 47% from last week.  


Hangover 3 made $41,775 million.  Nothing to sneeze at, but still half of the take of Part 2.  It appears the movie going audience isn't going to be suckered into another subpar sequel.  It's too bad Zach and the guys go out on such a weak note.  

The Fox animated film 'Epic' opened this weekend as well with a respectable $33,500 million, a little below studio expectations.

The remaining films in the top 10 were Iron Man 3 at #5, The Great Gatsby at #6, Mud at #7 (which if you haven't seen, you should check out asap),  42 still hanging in there at #8, The Croods at #9, and Tom Cruise's Oblivion checking in at #10.

But at least we're guaranteed another Fast & Furious film, and after that post credits teaser, I can't wait for it!