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Rambo Has Strong Words For John McClane


Rambo Has Strong Words For John McClane

Chris Scalzo

Stallone tweeted in all caps earlier today (so you know it's serious) that Bruce Willis is out for The Expendables 3.  He called WIllis "Greedy and Lazy".  

Stallone Tweet 3.jpeg

To which Willis surely responded, "And...?"  

Listen, I'm a huge Bruno fan, more so than Stallone to be honest.  Did Willis want a few million for the role and probably not want to fly to whatever Eastern European country Expendables 3 will surely be shot in?  I imagine so.

Stallone then followed that up with the announcement that Indiana Jones (or Hans Solo) himself is joining the cast.  Yes, I only refer to actors as their best known character names.

Stallone Tweet 2.jpeg

So is Harrison Ford an improvement over Willis?  Will Ford be playing the 'Church' role?  It's an Expendables film, does it even matter?