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The First Episode Of Andy Daly's 'Review' Is Online!


The First Episode Of Andy Daly's 'Review' Is Online!

Chris Scalzo


If you're not familiar with Andy Daly's work from 'Comedy Bang Bang' or 'Eastbound And Down', you're in for a treat.   His numerous characters have made me cry with laughter and he's finally got his own show, 'Review', based on the Australian show, 'Review With Myles Barlow' (available on Hulu Plus).  I'll be doing a full review of Review's first episode shortly.  And for an extra treat, check out Daly's new podcast from Earwolf, 'The Andy Daly Podcast Project Project'. It launched with lofty expectations, and have easily surpassed all of them.  Clearly, I am firmly in the Andy Daly is a comedic genius camp and hope his work spreads like a virus.  A laugh out load out of all your orifices type of virus.  Something that incapacitates you with giggles.  That kind of thing.  And maybe some weight loss.

Either way, check out the first episode of Review over at Comedy Central!  It's set to hit the regular old tvs on March 6th at 10pm.