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Rian Johnson To Write & Direct Star Wars VIII, Maybe More...


Rian Johnson To Write & Direct Star Wars VIII, Maybe More...

Chris Scalzo

Image copyright Criterion.

Image copyright Criterion.

Rian Johnson, director of The Brothers Bloom, Looper, and one of Scalzo's all time favorites, Brick, has been tabbed to direct the Star Wars film after the Star Wars film J.J. Abrams is doing now, say December 2017.  He's also rumored to at least be writing, though possibly also directing, Star Wars IX: Boba Fett's Quinceañera.  This is years down the road mind you, so we'll have to wait and see.

This is exciting news.  Johnson has a talent for people, exemplified in his three films.  In the relationships they share and the dialogue they speak.  And with his latest film, Looper, he handles the sci-fi, time-travel quite deftly.  He made it entertaining, interesting and even plausible. Johnson will bring a unique voice to the franchise and could come up with some thrilling and fascinating stories.

With the hiring of Gareth Edwards Josh Trank, and now Johnson, Disney and Abrams seem keen to bring in young, exciting directors to carry on the franchise.  The plan being odd years for Star Wars films, and even years would give us the spin off films.  Maybe that's when we'll see Fett's quinceañera then.  

Star Wars.