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Zack Snyder Still Pushing Indie Batman V. Superman Short Film


Zack Snyder Still Pushing Indie Batman V. Superman Short Film

Chris Scalzo


Glamour Shots Tweaked Version

Zack Snyder has tweeted another picture of Benjamin Affleck as Batman.  This time it's a close up headshot.  Naturally the internet is all abuzz.  Some hate the smaller ears, other predict the film will be a massive failure.  And there's the contingent that hope Snyder can right the ship and launch the DC wave of successful, entertaining summer blockbusters.  Since we're still A YEAR AND A HALF AWAY, perhaps it's best to holster the outrage and concern until at least 2015...? 

It also looks like Affleck may be wearing white contacts, which is an interesting idea if correct.  Are they special Bat-Lenses with increased focus and x-ray vision (ala the Arkham games)?  I've also posted a lightened, tweaked version for your comparison.

I personally am a fan of the Dark Knight Returns style, specifically the smaller ears.  And while I'm at it, what's up with Captain America 3 sticking with the same release date of May 6, 2016?  Yeah, let's hurt both franchises instead of taking turns.  Wouldn't that be best for the industry as a whole?  Stupid.

So what are your thoughts?  Should Captain America change its date?  Do you like your Batman with small years?  It certainly appears Affleck has the chin for it.  Speak!