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TFR Ticker: We Have A New Champion Of The Summer!


TFR Ticker: We Have A New Champion Of The Summer!

Chris Scalzo

After battling it out with the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' and losing, coming in at 2nd place last time, The 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' have retaken the title!  And with this weekend, 'Guardians' becomes the top grosser of the year, surpassing 'Transformers: Age of Dullness.'  Coming in with solid $17.2 million against 3 new films; 'If I Stay' (3rd), 'When The Game Stands Tall' (5th), and 'Sin City: A Dame To Kill For' (8th).  'Sin City 2'.  Wow.  That’s quite a showing.  The original film, 'Sin City', performed reasonably well back in 2005 and maybe that’s part of the problem.  It’s been 9 years since the original film.  What seemed so fresh and exciting back in 2005 feels stale now.  Perhaps because there have been so many knock offs since then, the audiences just weren’t interested (even with an almost constantly naked Eva Green).  There certainly hadn’t been much of an advertising push either.  Either way, this looks like the end of the road for 'Sin City'.

The big screen version of the novel, 'If I Stay' was the best performer of the new films.  Based on the young adult best seller featuring Chloë Grace Moretz as a woman in a coma that has an out of body experience and has to decide to either move on to join her recently deceased mother and father in the afterlife, or stay and live with her grandparents and boyfriend.

The other new film, 'When The Game Stands Tall', appears to be chock full of sports clichés, but has a chance to turn a small profit.  Plus it stars Jesus and the Kurgan!  (Sounds like a great buddy cop movie)

You can see the full top 10 list below.