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Hear The Unreleased Maslin Mix Of Bowie's TVC15


Hear The Unreleased Maslin Mix Of Bowie's TVC15

Chris Scalzo

The upcoming box set

The upcoming box set

Sure, we focus on movies here, but I am a massive (husky?) David Bowie fan.  So for your enjoyment, take a listen to the unreleased (though I believe it was part of the old "Station To Station" anniversary box set) Harry Maslin mix of 'TVC15' from the upcoming box set, "Who Can I Be Now?".  The new set focuses on Bowie's post-Ziggy/plastic soul period, including "Diamond Dogs", "Station To Station", "Young Americans" a couple live albums, and the sort-of unreleased "Gouster" (most of the songs had been released as part of the Ryko series from the 90's).  

Allegedly per Maslin, it’s closer to the sound that Bowie originally intended.  If this is indeed true, I imagine Bowie had difficulty capturing the exact sound due to the metric ton of cocaine he was working his way through at the time.

It’s an interesting version, with the vocals mixed up along with the backing vocals sounding more prevalent than the version we know.  The guitars are drastically mixed down, reminding me of what Bowie did to Reeves Gabrels' playing on ‘You’ve Been Around’ from “Black Tie, White Noise”.

Take a listen and let us know your thoughts.