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TFR Ep. 241: The Expendables 3, Lucy, 5 Great Films On Netflix Instant

The First Run Podcast

TFR Ep. 241: The Expendables 3, Lucy, 5 Great Films On Netflix Instant

Chris Scalzo

With Dave away, It’s all Chris Scalzo for 38 excruciatingly beautiful minutes.  Like listening to Morgan Freeman recite T.S. Elliot.  And while we’re mentioning Morgan Freeman, Chris finally caught up with Luc Besson’s, ‘Lucy’, starring Scarlett Johansson.  Can Scalzo access at least 2% of this brain to share something witty about the film?  But before that, it’s the return of Sylvester Stallone and all 16 of his buddies as they try to relive the glory days of the 80’s action film one last time.  Do they finally get it right and turn lead to gold?  As always, Scalzo runs down the big releases on Blu-Ray & DVD.  Then it’s a list of 5 Great Films On Netflix you may not have known existed.  Come on, you can only watch Law & Order and It’s Always Sunny so many times…

Download the show from iTunes here: Episode 241

  • 00:00-08:02: Intro/The Expendables
  • 08:03-20:08: Blu-Ray & DVD Picks
  • 20:09-24:57: Lucy
  • 24:58-35:40: 5 Great Films On Netflix Instant
  • 35:41-38:02: Wrap Up

Theme music provided by Jamal Malachi Ford-Bey