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TFR Ep. 296: Bone Tomahawk, Labyrinth, Call It!

The First Run Podcast

TFR Ep. 296: Bone Tomahawk, Labyrinth, Call It!

Chris Scalzo

Kurt Russell is a bad ass!  We love Kurt Russell.  But did we love his other new western, ‘Bone Tomahawk’?  This time Russell is a sheriff trying to rescue some of his townsfolk from some unknown, terrifying menace.  While there are cowboys, there are no aliens in this one.  Or Val Kilmer.  Or Sam Jackson.  Just a bad ass Matthew Fox(!).  It’s on to our Blu-Ray & DVD Picks, Featuring the Streaming Pick of the Week.  Then we continue their review of the films held near and dear to their childhoods with ‘Labyrinth’.  Please David, don’t let us down!  Our final segment is the classic, ‘Call It!’.  What devious, heartbreaking choices are in store this time?  You tell ‘em we’re coming.  And hell’s coming with us!

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  • 00:00-11:39: Intro/Bone Tomahawk
  • 11:40-18:17: Blu-Ray & DVD Picks
  • 18:18-31:42: Labyrinth
  • 31:43-54:49: Call It!
  • 54:50-57:07: Wrap Up

Theme music provided by Jamal Malachi Ford-Bey