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TFR Ep. 370: The Foreigner, Happy Death Day, 5 Best Slashers & Monsters

The First Run Podcast

TFR Ep. 370: The Foreigner, Happy Death Day, 5 Best Slashers & Monsters

Chris Scalzo

This week on The First Run, Chris & Matt discuss the return of Jackie Chan along with Pierce Brosnan in ‘The Foreigner’.  Chan plays the aggrieved father who’s out to get revenge on the people who killed his daughter, except it’s not.  Pierce Brosnan is the former IRA member that now works in the system that may be somehow involved.  Has Jackie begun his move to serious revenge, action movies?  And when do we sign up Brosnan as a Bond villain?  After that, it’s the ‘Groundhog Day’ horror film, ‘Happy Death Day’.  A young woman named Tree is given a chance to solve her own murder, but waking up to relive the day over and over.  Will she discover who the killer is and prevent her death before she runs out of lives?  Like a cat?  Do cats indeed had 9 lives?  And are cats just pretentious little jerks that I am highly allergic to?  We tackle the hard questions.  There’s a rundown of all the big releases on Blu-Ray & DVD, featuring the Straight To DVD and Streaming Picks of the Week.  Finally we catch up on our Halloween Top 5’s with our favorite Monster and Slasher movies.  All class, all the way baby.  Do you say baby too?  Happy Halloween!

  • 00:00-11:32: Intro/The Foreigner
  • 11:33-20:04: Blu-Ray & DVD Picks
  • 20:05-32:01: Happy Death Day
  • 32:02-50:20: 5 Favorite Slasher Movies
  • 50:21-1:06:18: 5 Favorite Monster Movies
  • 1:06:19-1:08:43: Wrap Up

Theme music provided by Jamal Malachi Ford-Bey