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TFR Focus Ep. 15: Stranger Things S2.E4, Mindhunter S1.E4

The First Run Podcast

TFR Focus Ep. 15: Stranger Things S2.E4, Mindhunter S1.E4

Chris Scalzo

In this episode of The First Run Focus, Chris and Matt discuss both episode 4s of ‘Stranger Things‘ season 2 and ‘Mindhunter’ season 1.  This week on Stranger Things, Will has a break through and is able to draw out his visions that give Hopper a clue about the great Hawkins pumpkin massacre.  Dart grows up into…something.  We meet El’s Mom and Nancy and Jonathan spring their trap on the creepy lab guys, or are they now the mice?

Over on Mindhunter Bill and Holden land a new case involving the murder of a young woman.  Suspects aplenty in this one.  Bill and Holden get in an accident that fosters actual feelings from Bill he struggles to express.   Anna Torv officially joins the squad and Chris expresses some concerns with her and Holden’s potential story arch.  Plus we get a new killer this week, though Matt and Chris are sad to see good ol’ Ed Kemper gone.

00:00-13:21: Stranger Things

13:22-22:51: Mindhunter