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TFR Focus Ep. 16: Stranger Things S2.E5, Mindhunter S1.E5

The First Run Podcast

TFR Focus Ep. 16: Stranger Things S2.E5, Mindhunter S1.E5

Chris Scalzo

This week on The First Run Focus, Chris and Matt discuss Stranger Things’ Dig Dug and Mindhunter’s The Altoona Case.  Though both shows have been good, Mindhunter has been the MVP of this run of The Focus.  Does that trend continue this week?  Over on Stranger Things, Nancy and Jonathan meet up with Murray and discuss tactics while Bob lends his keen puzzle solving abilities to Will’s drawings, which lead to dire consequences for Hopper.  Meanwhile, Eleven goes on an adventure looking for her mother, and makes some surprising discoveries.

Meanwhile over in Mindhunter, the investigation of the murder of Beverly Jean takes an unusual turn as Holden and Tench consider if the case is worth their efforts.  As the investigation deepens local detective Ocasek proves himself a capable detective in his own right.  Now they just have to determine who the murderer is; Benji or Frank.

  • 00:00-09:12: Stranger Things
  • 09:13-17:27: Mindhunter

'Will To Power' by Jamal Malachi Ford-Bey

Images © Netflix