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TFR Focus Ep. 19: Stranger Things S2.E8, Mindhunter S1.E8

The First Run Podcast

TFR Focus Ep. 19: Stranger Things S2.E8, Mindhunter S1.E8

Chris Scalzo

This week on The First Run Focus, it’s all nickels for tickles!  Mindhunter features an investigation into a principal who likes to punish/reward kids with a little tickling.  What could be wrong with that?  Also, Holden, Wendy, and Bill interview agents to join the team, and settle on one that could bring down the whole team.

Over in Hawkins on Stranger Things, we are back baby!  After a detour to Chicago to see what Eleven has been up to, we’re back in the lab as the demo-dogs are on the hunt for our friends.  Can they escape from the lab safely and stop the Shadow Monster?  It’s an action packed episode and a welcome return to the action.

  • 00:00:10:16: Stranger Things
  • 10:17-16:21: Mindhunter

Images copyright Netflix