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TFR Ep. 338: Silence, Split, Best Lead Performances Since 2000, 10 Best Films Of 2016

The First Run Podcast

TFR Ep. 338: Silence, Split, Best Lead Performances Since 2000, 10 Best Films Of 2016

Chris Scalzo

Buckle up, because it’s a big week.  It’s early February, and we all know what that means… Time for The First Run’s 2016 10 Best List!  But there’s still a whole show to do.  So things start off with Matt & Chris discussing Martin Scorsese’s passing project, ‘Silence’.  A film decades in the making about two Jesuit priests (Andrew Garfield & Adam Driver) that travel to a dangerous Japan where Christianity has been outlawed to discover what happened to their missing mentor (Liam Neeson).  As always, there’s the run down of the big releases on Blu-Ray & DVD, featuring the Streaming and Straight To DVD Picks Of The Week.  After that, does M. Night Shyamalan continue his redemptive streak (The Visit) with ‘Split’?  It’s the classic story of ‘Boy DID meets kidnaps 3 women for nefarious purposes and then things go horribly wrong.  Then it’s the 10 Best Films Of 2016.  Yay!  Fun!

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  • 00:00-10:49: Intro/Silence
  • 10:50-17:16: Blu-Ray & DVD Picks
  • 17:17-31:19: 5 Best Lead Performances Since 2000
  • 31:20-43:48: Split
  • 43:49-57:50: Best Films Of 2016: 10-6
  • 57:51-1:12:33: Best Films Of 2016: 5-1
  • 1:12:34-1:13:22: Wrap Up

Theme music provided by Jamal Malachi Ford-Be