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TFR Ep. 437: The Prodigy, Cold Pursuit, 2019 Oscar Predictions

The First Run Podcast

TFR Ep. 437: The Prodigy, Cold Pursuit, 2019 Oscar Predictions

Chris Scalzo

This week on The First Run, we’re joined by Bryce Hanson and David Day of Horror Movie Talk, a weekly horror movie podcast out of Vancouver WA.  They feature current theatrical releases as well as classic (and not so classic) horror films.  You can check them out at and listen on all the places.  It’s going to be a serial thrilla’ as we wade through the min(d)fields that are this week’s big releases.  We’ll only be able to get through it all with diesel power but it promises to be some funky S.  First up, we fuel our fire by discussing ‘The Prodigy’.  Taylor Schilling stars as a mother struggling to help her son who may be possessed by…something.  How far will she go to save him?  As we climbatize to the end of the show, never forgetting to breathe, we move on to the remake of the Norwegian film ‘IN Order Of Disappearance, ‘Cold Pursuit’.  Liam Neeson stars an aggrieved father out for revenge against the drug gang that murdered his son, smacking bitches up left and right (man, that’s a troublesome song title).  And it’s funny!   There’s an interminably long rundown of the big releases on Blu-Ray and DVD, featuring the Straight to DVD and Streaming Picks of the Week.  Then the show wraps with our 2019 Oscars Predictions!  Can Chris regain his crown? It’s a firestarter of a show this week!.  Narayan.

  • 00:00-18:56: Intro/The Prodigy

  • 18:57-35:19: Blu-Ray & DVD Picks

  • 35:20-46:24: Cold Pursuit

  • 46:25-1:10:50: 2019 Oscar Predictions

  • 1:10:51-1:12:00: Wrap Up

 Theme song by Jamal Malachi Ford-Bey

The Prodigy Images © Orion Pictures