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The First Run - Episode 3: The Road, Sukiyaki Western Django, Blu-Ray picks, Inventory of Post-Apocalyptic Movies

Chris Scalzo

Road Trip!
Episode 3 is all up in your grill this weekend.  We start things off with a discussion of the feel good film of the year, 'The Road'.  We then dive into our Blu-Ray & DVD Picks, and listener e-mail.   Then you get your chance to win the DVD Joe 'Lunchbox' Woronick reviews for our first contest.  Next we dust off our chaps, luckily Espo had a few extra pairs for us to borrow, and ride into Japan, by way of Nevada and lasso us up some 'Sukiyaki Western Django'.  We wrap up the big show by checking off our Inventory of favorite Post-Apocalyptic films.  So stock up your bomb shelter, charge your iPod and give it a listen.

Download the show for your mp3 device here: Episode 3

Or listen right now!

0.00-0.39 Intro
0.40-14.54 The Road
14.55-16.08 The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room - FOTC
16.09-25.40 Blu-Ray & DVD Picks
25.41- 26.28 Bret, You Got It Going On - FOTC
26.32-30.17 Contest
30.18-31.50 I'm Not Crying - FOTC
31.51-45.06 Sukiyaki Western Django
45.07-46.16 If You're Into It - FOTC
46.17-1:05.28 Inventory of Post Apocalyptic Films
105.29-106.28 Business Time - FOTC
106.29-107.02 Wrap Up
107.02-1:07.45 Boom! - FOTC

Music this week by Flight of the Conchords: Official Site