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No, that is not an homage to “Good Times.” That, my friends, is the sound of straight awesomeness walking into the room…Black Dynamite in all his afro’d, polyestered glory. In honor of the DVD release of possibly the most slept-on film of 2009, “Black Dynamite,” the Tom Slick cats at The First Run are having a super special viewing party, can you dig it? So to all the super fine ladies out there, come join us at Casa de Scalzo to see the movie event of your life. Chili and donuts will be provided. And fellas, you can come too, as long as you bring two super fine ladies for every mack in your party, ya dig?

Now, I know what you’re saying, “But Matt Dynamite…I don’t live in your community!” Well, don’t you fret cause we’ll be recording a show before, after and maybe even during the festivities. So don’t be a jive ass sucka’ and check back after February 26.

Brought to you by The First Run…the only movie netcast that makes you go ‘Ooooooooo!’