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TFR Ep. 25: Inception, Predators, Knight & Day, What Are The Odds?

Chris Scalzo

Inception [in-sep-shuhn] - –noun
beginning; start; commencement.

This week we delve deep into Christopher Nolan's newest blockbuster.  A cerebral action movie, filled with thought provoking twists, and mind blowing special effects.  Can he top, or at least match, the appeal of The Dark Knight?  Can his newest imagining be the movie of the summer?  Can Leonardo DiCaprio deliver a performance to inspire the continued affection of critics and audiences alike?  Can Joseph Gordon-Levitt make Scalzo giggle like a little girl... again?  Find out what the guys at the First Run have to say.  We'll also be reviewing the action/romance film, Knight and Day.  I'm sure the question on your minds with that one is, will Cruise and Diaz offer the same outstanding chemistry they did in Vanilla Sky?  Okay, that's probably not what you're wondering.  Well, it's no Top Gun.  She's no Goose, and we can't hope for it to match the screen gem Charlie's Angels II - Full Throttle.  Who knows, maybe they'll surprise us.  It's a big week for big movies, so we'll also be discussing Predators, the newest incarnation of the Predator dynasty.  Alien followed by Aliens.  Predator followed by Predators.  You see what they did there?  Okay, except for Predator 2.  In any event, pretty clever.  Adrian Brody, you have some big shoes to fill.  Can you pull it off, or will the audience hope you run out of cold mud to hide your heat signature.

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00:00-10:06: Opening/Knight & Day
10:07-27:35: Predators
27:36-34:09: Blu-Ray/DVD Picks
34:10-48:23: Inception
48:24-1:02:21: What Are The Odds?
1:02:22-1:06:47: Wrap Up

Theme Music by Jamal Malachi Ford-Bey