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TFR Ep. 37: Paranormal Activity 2, Night of the Demons, Inventory of the Scariest Scenes

Chris Scalzo

Happy Halloween Kids! What great costumes! Let me guess, you’re geeks, right? As Brodie would say, "We can smell our own."

This week, to help you get into the Halloween spirit, we’ve got a couple of special treats for you. First up, it’s the follow up to last year’s surprise blockbuster, Paranormal Activity. Can you guess the title? Yes that’s correct, Paranormal Activity 2! The original, supposedly created from found home video 
footage, was well received by audiences and critics alike and extremely profitable. As with any really successful movie, a sequel is a must. So it’s a 
good thing the investigators discovered additional footage.

We’ll also be reviewing the 2010 remake of the horror… Classic?… Night of the Demons. It’s got Shannon Elizabeth, Diora Baird, Monica Keena, and Edward Furlong! You know, John Connor. Plus demons!

So get some popcorn or candy and tune in to hear what the guys have to say about these scary movies, and whether either holds up to the original. Plus we’ll discuss this week’s Blu-Ray/DVD Picks, and also in the Halloween Spirit, review 
an Inventory of our favorite scary scenes.

Trick or Treat!

Download the show from iTunes here: Episode 37

Or stream the show live by clicking 'play' below:

00:00-09:49: Intro/Paranormal Activity 2
09:50-17:34: Blu-Ray/DVD Picks
17:35-26:42: Night of the Demons '09
26:43-49:47: Inventory of our Favorite Scary Scenes
49:48-52:59: Wrap Up/Outtake

Theme music provided by Jamal Malachi Ford-Bey