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TFR Ep. 115: Cabin In The Woods, Inventory Of Films That Comment On Their Genre

Chris Scalzo

Listen up folks.  If you drive up to a cabin in the woods, I guess?  And it looks exactly like the cabin from The Evil Dead (minus the swinging bench) call it a day and head back home.  This week we finally get to see the Joss Whedon project that is 'The Cabin In The Woods'.  It's been on the shelf for 2 years due to MGM's financial issues. Should the horror comedy hybrid have been better off left on the shelf?  Scalzo also gives a quick review of 'Lockout'.  So there's that.  We'll review the big releases on blu-ray & DVD, then run down the inventory of our favorite Films Commenting on other films or something like that.  I'm clearly still working out the beats on a title.  So light up the doobies and be prepared to face the zombies, or werewolves, heck maybe even the mermen will finally get a shot.  We're The First Run.

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00:00-15:35: Intro/The Cabin In The Woods (and Lockout!)
15:36-26:58: Blu-Ray & DVD Picks
26:59-44:48: Inventory Of Films That Comment On Their Genre
44:49-47:45: Wrap Up

Theme music provided by Jamal Malachi Ford-Bey