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TFR Ticker: Harry And Lloyd Reaffirm That Quality Is No Requirement For Success


TFR Ticker: Harry And Lloyd Reaffirm That Quality Is No Requirement For Success

Chris Scalzo

‘Dumb And Dumber To’ took the top spot this weekend with a $38.05 million haul.  It’s the biggest opening weekend for Jim Carrey in a live action movie since ‘Bruce Almighty’ and the largest opening ever for the Farrelly Brothers.  Blame it on nostalgia, I guess as ‘Dumb And Dumber’ currently holds a 27% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.   It’s like checking in with some old friends, and slowly realizing the old days weren’t that good after all. 

Number two was ‘Big Hero 6’.  Disney’s first animated film featuring Marvel Comics characters.  The film about a young kid that assembles a team of heroes to avenge his older brother’s death received rave reviews and has finished above ‘Interstellar’ for the second week in a row.  It’s always tricky going up against a kids movie, but don’t weep too much for Nolan and crew as ‘Interstellar’ has been raking in the cash globally with $224 million so far.  The romantic drama, ‘Beyond The Lights’ debuted in fourth place with heart wrenching (because it’s a romantic drama) $6.5 million.   

A couple notable films didn’t crack the top ten.  Jon Stewart’s ‘Rosewater’, based on Maziar Bahari’s book ‘They Came For Me’, came thirteenth place with $1.2 million.  And Kirk Cameron dons his Santa hat to do battle against all the secularists and commies, oddly enough almost in support of the commercialization of the holiday, in ‘Saving Christmas’.  I assume it’s about Kwanzaa.