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TFR Ticker: You All Love Denzel (So Do We)


TFR Ticker: You All Love Denzel (So Do We)

Chris Scalzo

Image copyright Columbia Pictures

Denzel Washington’s latest, ‘The Equalizer’ had the 4th largest September opening ever with $35 million.   ‘The Equalizer’ features a reunion between Washington and director Antoine Fuqua from ‘Training Day’.  Though ‘Training Day’ netted Denzel his second Oscar, I wouldn’t expect any nominations this time around.  Even with that, it currently holds an A- via CinemaScore and portends to be a decent action film.  Lord knows Denzel will always deliver the goods.  We’ll be discussing this film on our next show!  Exciting stuff!

The other major new release this week was the stop motion animated film, ‘The Boxtrolls’ with $17.25 million.  That’s a pretty good opening for a stop motion animated film featuring trolls in boxes.  I’ve always been partial to free range trolls myself.   Even with strong reviews, ‘The Boxtrolls’ finished in 3rd place.  The young adult book adaptation, ‘The Maze Runner’ continued its strong showing with $17.5 million in its second week of release. 

Last week’s other release, ‘A Walk Among The Tombstones’, got dropped like me after my senior prom from 2nd place to 7th.  Much like my date, clearly the movie going public traded up from Liam Neeson to Denzel Washington.  Can’t say I blame them, or her. 

You can see the full top 10 list below.