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Avengers 2: Ultron’s Design Revealed (Well, Part Of It)


Avengers 2: Ultron’s Design Revealed (Well, Part Of It)

Chris Scalzo

Entertainment Weekly Cover

The fine folks at the little known, cult favorite magazine Entertainment Weekly, have revealed the design for Ultron on their Comic Con double issue cover.  It also features subtle, but good looking redesign of Chris Evans’ Captain America and the always dreamy RDJ as Iron Man.

Ultron’s design looks pretty faithful to the comics, pointy ear antenna thing-ers and all.  Now we just have to wait awhile longer to hear his James Spader, dry snarky tones.

Ultron’s story will be a little different though.  In the movie universe, he’s created by Tony Stark to help the Avengers fight the bad guys, but goes all Hal 9000 on everyone.