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So, About That Plague…


So, About That Plague…

Chris Scalzo

The big release this weekend is the sequel to the excellent ‘Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes’, ‘Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes’, or ‘DOTPOTA’.  We’re all very excited around here to see it.  But have you wondered what happened in between the first film and this sequel?  Well now you can find out! 

The first video, 'Quarantine', deals with a father and daughter as they try and navigate the first year of the outbreak and an infected family member. 

The next video, "All Fall Down', shifts forward 5 years and focuses on a young girl as she tries to survive a world growing darker and more savage by the day. 

The final video, "Story Of The Gun' follows a gun as it moves from owner to owner in a world now lost.  It’s supposed to run concurrent with DOTPOTA and illustrate how bad things have become. 

– HUGS –