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“Nothing Is Over!”  Well, Perhaps Now It Is…


“Nothing Is Over!” Well, Perhaps Now It Is…

Chris Scalzo

Surprising pretty much everyone, including maybe even himself, Sylvester Stallone is prepping Rambo V.  Even after the disappointing returns for The Expendables 3, we’re moving forward.  We even have a title now.  Rambo: Last Blood. 

It’s a little fuzzy as to why Stallone is moving forward with this.  I enjoyed Rambo (Rambo IV.  From 2008.  Man, is there a more confusing movie franchise titling system than the Rambo films?).  It seemed a fitting capper to the series with its straightforward action, relentless violence and chock full of manly things involving honor and throat ripping outing (check it out below!).

No official plot has been revealed, but the rumors are that Rambo goes up against a Mexican drug cartel.  Stallone has provided some detail, describing it as the ‘No Country For Old Men’ of Rambo movies.  I somehow doubt it’ll have the nuance of a Coen Bros. film, or ratchet down the on screen violence as the film progresses. 

I just hope we get some more exploding arrow goodness.  Stallone is training for the role now.  The film is estimated to be released in 2015, probably in time for Oscar nominations.