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TFR Ticker: A Dolphin’s Bad Deed Defeats The Guardians


TFR Ticker: A Dolphin’s Bad Deed Defeats The Guardians

Chris Scalzo

We’re getting there.  It was another slow week at the theaters, but it was an improvement over the disastrous previous one.  Idris Elba’s villainess turn as a home invader brought in an estimated 24.5 million semolians.  It’s been such a bad last few weekends that No Good Deed was the first film to make more than 20 million smackers since the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back on August 15-17.

The only sequel released on the list was Dolphin Tale 2.  DT2: The Quickening bowed in with 16.5 million greenbacks.  Though it finished below the returns of the first Dolphin Tale (19.15 million clams), the ticket sales were similar as the original benefited from boosted sales from 3D showings. 

Guardians Of The Galaxy is still chugging along with roughly 8 million skins.  It’s now surpassed 300 million bones.   Seven weeks strong now, the film will probably end up north of 320 million in loot. 

The other new release, The Drop (which we’ll be reviewing this Friday) opened well in 809 theaters with 4.2 million in wampum.  It features the last performance by James Gandolfini and should do even better as it gains more theaters this week.

So what didn’t you see?  Atlas Shrugged Part III: Who Is John Galt?.  It appeared the free market had spoken the last time, but that didn’t stop the producers!  Atlas Shrugged III: Army Of Darkness bombed with 355,000 shekels.  The final film featured yet another cast change and opened in only 242 theaters, down considerably from the 1000 theaters for the previous two films.  Add in a complete lack of promotion and there seems to be no demand for the final film. 

You can see the full top 10 list below.