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Fincher And Affleck Considering Strangers On A Train. Tinder: The Movie?


Fincher And Affleck Considering Strangers On A Train. Tinder: The Movie?

Chris Scalzo

Posters were really cool back in the day.

Fast friends after the filming of ‘Gone Girl’, director David Fincher and soon to be Batman Ben Affleck are teaming up to remake Hitchcock’s classic ‘Strangers On A Train’.  Though we routinely bemoan the lack of original ideas in Hollywood (not a single one of the top 10 grossers of the year was an original concept), the idea of a Fincher lead remake sounds interesting.  But it’s Hitchcock.  Hitch is in that small group of directors whose work should not be cashed in on.  Honored, discussed and critiqued sure, but not some slap dash remake starring Ashton Kutcher.  Gus Van Sant only helped solidify this concept with his shot by shot homage (more than a remake) of ‘Psycho’. 

Though I have to admit a modern retelling of the story intrigues me.  The key being Fincher’s involvement and it not being some Hollywood cash grab.  (Someone keep an eye on Roland Emmerich or Brett Ratner please) 

How say you?  Are you okay with a Strangers On A Train remake?  Is there another Hitchcock film that deserves a remake?  And are remakes actually alright if the ‘right’ people are involved?