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How Many IMPOSSIBLE Missions Can You Truly Accomplish?  6 At Least...


How Many IMPOSSIBLE Missions Can You Truly Accomplish? 6 At Least...

Chris Scalzo

Motorcycle go fast!  Vrooom vrooom!

Sir Thomas of Cruise revealed last week on The Daily Show (Please don’t go, Jon!) that he will indeed be making Mission:Impossible 6.  Reviews and returns certainly suggest this is a wise idea. One of the few franchises that improves with every installment (From film 3 forward at least.  P.S. Hoffman!), can the Abrams guided franchise keep it going?  Heck, is Rogue Nation even that good?  We’ll tell you that this weekend. 

Who’s the next director to take the helm?  Bring back Brad Bird or Christopher McQuarrie?  Why do I want it so badly to be Gareth Evans of ‘The Raid’ fame?  How many more sentences can I end with a question?  None.

Cruise also stated during an MTV interview that he’s come up with a sequel for the criminally under-appreciated ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’.  I’m still mad at everyone that didn’t go see that.  It’s a lot of fun.  So Cruise has allegedly shared his idea with director Doug Liman.  We’ll have to wait and see if the foreign grosses and home video sales were enough to warrant a sequel. Because we all know “Quality isn’t as important as ticket sales.” – Adam Sandler’s agent.  (I’m assuming.)