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QT’s 8th Film Has Its 1st Trailer


QT’s 8th Film Has Its 1st Trailer

Chris Scalzo

This is the film's poster.  Honest.

uentin Tarantino’s latest film, ‘The Hateful Eight’ finally has a trailer.   Hard to believe we’re only a few months away from the film when just a year or so ago he had abandoned the project after an early draft of the screenplay was leaked online.  Way to go internets. 

Thankfully Quentin came back to it.  And with a new draft and the typical great casting, filming began in 2014.   Kurt Russell and Sam Jackson play bounty hunters attempting to get their captive back to wherever captives are brought and get stuck in a cabin with a bunch of shady characters.  Hilarity, violence, and snappy dialogue are sure to ensue.

Check it out below.