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FOOL!  Here's Some Deleted Scenes From Fury Road


FOOL! Here's Some Deleted Scenes From Fury Road

Chris Scalzo

Charlize Theron, bad ass.

New week, new visual goodies!  This time it’s from the best action film of 2015 (so far).  While you can get your digital copy of “Mad Max: Fury Road”now , the official Blu-Ray release isn’t for another 2 weeks.  While we wait, you can take a gander at some of the deleted scenes below. 

They don’t really add anything to the story, but do a nice job of fleshing out the world George Miller created a little more.  Things start with Max surveying the landscape.  Another is a woman trying to get her infant adopted as a WarBoy, while she has plans for herself.  Finally, we learn the fate of the elderly woman that tells Immortan Joe that Furiosa and the rest of the Holograms have fled the coop.  So make sure you pick up a copy so we can guarantee ourselves a sequel.

Some other fun stuff was released on Twitter thanks to Will McCrabb.  You can see Miller’s original ideas from back in 1999.  Little appears to have changed.

Just a heads up if you’re at work or at church, or perhaps you like making other people uncomfortable.  Either way, there’s a naked baby and some female breasts coming up.  So, good luck.