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Ageless Blood Sucking Fiends in Sedition


Boy, do we have a special show for you this week. Because we love (that’s right, I said it. Not “luv.” L-O-V-E. Don’t run away from your feelings.) you guys soooo much, we saw TWO new movies this week! That’s dedication. I know, we’re the best. We’ll be talking about “Youth in Revolt,” the new oh-so-indie-but-not-really romdramedy starring Michael Cera. But that’s not all! If you listen within fifteen minutes of posting, you’ll also hear our thoughts on the latest addition to the vampire oeuvre, “Daybreakers,” starring Ethan Hawke, Willem Defoe, and Sam Neill. Man, vampires. That is a subject that will never get old (ha!), you can take that to the (blood) bank. (double ha!)

But wait there’s more! I know what you are saying…”Matt, how can there possibly be more?! Haven’t you given us a gift almost as good as the gift of life itself?” And I would nod sagely in response because we have but never underestimate our L-O-V-E love like a G-L-O-V-E glove. In addition to all that stuff in paragraph one, we’ll also be talking about last years indie darling, “(500) Days of Summer,” the upcoming Blu-Ray and DVD releases, and our top 5 films of 2009. I know, I know…you want to be our best friends. We’re actually taking applications because we are, quite frankly, tired of speaking to each other. Get in on the ground floor! Check back soon for the next hour or so of awesomeness from The First Run!