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Things that make you go “Ugh.”


So I have three trailers (well, two trailers and a clip) that make me sad. So, so sad. So sad that I have to emoticon. :-( That’s some sad face. I know some of you may be excited and I am telling you you shouldn’t be. You’re encouraging them! I mean, just LOOK at that picture up there. This is like that time I got all stoked when I heard “Voltron” was going to be on Toonami and then I realized that what was fun when I was 5 is no where near fun now after watching it. Oh the humanity of crushed youth. On a very specific side note: When Bradley Cooper says “You look like you have a REAL bad attitude…” I laughed and vomited at the same time. Also, when the narrator says “If you have a problem…” I expected the next words to be “Yo, I’ll solve it.” Anyway…check them out at your peril from the sadists at Yahoo! Movies.