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Episode 5: Youth In Revolt, Daybreakers, (500) Days of Summer, Blu-Ray Picks, Inventory of the Best of 2009: 5-1

Chris Scalzo

Episode 5 of The First Run allows us to engage in some good old fashioned subversion.  First we spend some time with Michael Cera's id, Francois in 'Youth In Revolt'.  Scalzo feverishly takes some notes.  Next we double our pleasure with a viewing of 'Daybreakers' as Espo deconstructs the vampire mythos and let's us know what they did right, and if there are any areas for improvement.  We then review our Blu-Ray picks for January 19th.  Next up, during our discussion of (500) Days of Summer, Matt asks Scalzo just how much influence he had on the production.  Finally we reveal our 5-1 picks for our Inventory of the best films of 2009.  We're on quite a roll!  So give us a listen, satisfaction guaranteed!

It's my First Run episode, and I want it now!  Well then, click play!
You may want to let the file load completely to 1:12:09 for optimum performance.

To download the latest episode for your mp3 device, just right click here: Episode 5

0.00-10:40  Intro/Youth In Revolt
10:41-23:31 Daybreakers/ Bad Kids - The Black Lips
23:32-32:40  Blu-Ray, DVD Picks/She's Got You High - Mumm-Ra
32:41-45:34  (500) Days of Summer/ Us - Regina Spektor
45:35-1:08:57  Inventory of the Best of 2009: 5-1/Here Comes Your Man - Meaghan Smith
1:08:58-1:12:09  Wrap Up

Music provided this week by the soundtrack to (500) Days of Summer.

Theme provided by Jamal Malachi Ford-Bey.

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