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Episode 10: The White Ribbon, In The Loop, Blu-Ray & DVD Picks, Call It:Oscar Edition

Chris Scalzo

The First Run rides an emotional rollercoaster this weekend.  We start things off with the dark new offering from Michael Haneke, The White Ribbon.  There's something rotten in pre-World War I Germany, and it just may be the kids.  After that the political subtext takes the foreground in the British political satire, In The Loop.  Will it join the ranks of the classic Dr. Strangelove, or even Wag The Dog?  We'll also discuss the new Blu-Ray and DVD releases for March 2nd.  We wrap things up with a peek into the magic 8 ball to help choose our Oscar picks.  So, will this episode be a big box full of fun?  All signs point to yes!

To download the show for your iPod or mp3 device, Right Click and download here: Episode 10

0:00-17:40: Opening / The White Ribbon
17:41-25:11: Blu-Ray & DVD Picks
25:12-37:22: In The Loop
37:23-1:03:50: Call It - Oscar Edition
1:03:51-1:07:31: Wrap Up
1:07:32-1:08:06: Outtake

Best Picture vs. Director
2000: Picture - Gladiator / Director - Soderbergh (Traffic) Nope
2001: Picture - A Beautiful Mind / Director - Ron Howard Yep
2002: Picture - Chicago / Director - Roman Polanski (The Pianist) Nope
2003: Picture - Return of the King / Director - Peter Jackson Yep
2004: Picture - Million Dollar Baby / Director - Clint Eastwood Yep
2005: Picture - Crash / Director - Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain) Nope
2006: Picture - The Departed / Director - Martin Scorsese Yep
2007: Picture - No Country For Old Men / Director - Coen Brothers Yep
2008: Picture - Slumdog Millionaire / Director - Danny Boyle Yep
2009: Picture - ? / Director - ?

That's 6 for 9.  I am the smartest man alive!  Well, not exactly a landslide.  But still!

Theme song provided by Jamal Malachi Ford-Bey.