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Ich bin ein First Runner!


So here we are. It's February in New England. For months, the nights were so clear and cold that it was like standing on the dark side of the moon. As of late, it has been hovering just above freezing with ashen sky, feeble light, and a constant damp. We all have cabin fever. We needed something uplifting. So we decided that a black-and-white German art film was the answer. I know...we are brilliant.

So this is what I would say The White Ribbon is about if I was asked to describe it in a single paragraph: "Well hello there kids. Where have you been? I am very disappointed in you and I will now inflict Das weiße Band on you to punish you. And you will say "Vergib uns!" and I will say "Nein! Nie du kleine Schweine!" And you will be sad because everyone will see the Das weiße Band and you may or may not do horrible things. "

Intrigued, no? You are intrigued. So intrigued that you are going to listen to the show. Because you are going to listen to the show, you are also going to hear us review a political satire from across the pond about this side of the pond called "In the Loop." We'll also be breaking down our Oscar picks that are highly accurate and in no way factual or based on anything beyond our own uninformed opinions. At all. So what's not to like?! So say tuned, the show will be up before you can say "Eins, zwei, drei, vier!"